Canon ZR45 Cannot close

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Canon ZR45 Cannot close

I have a 3 year old ZR 45.  It's preformed flawlessly until my recent vacation.  Trying to shoot the family and the electronic tape mechanism will not close. 

Weather I insert a tape or not the electronic door closes for about 5 seconds,  it does not retract, it only closes the door.  After about 5 seconds it signals the eject beep and opens the door again.  I've tried new cassettes, no cassettes both conditions produce the same result.  Has anyone else run into this condition and if so have you figured out a work around.  In the condition the recorder is useless and I hate to give in to the local service provider.  At that point your looking at a buy vs repair decesion.


Unfortunately, there is

Unfortunately, there is little service information available for Canon equipment outside of Canon authorized service centers.  Based upon your description of the problem, though, I'd suspect either a bad sensor or the loading mechanism out of time.  The camera is detecting a problem status and ejecting is the result.  Without takeing hte camera apart and seeing what is being attempted, or hearing the machine, there is little we can do here.  Please get an estimate from a local servicer (authorized) and report the results here.  From that we may be able to guide you.



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