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dma settings

i recently downloaded dvdfab to reset my dma. It worked fine. I also use dvd43 with i clickcopy dvd. I was told to delete dvd43 in order to use dvdfab. i like using  i click copy with dvd43. My question is will my dma settings change if i delete dvdfab? also can i reinstall dvdfab if i have trouble with the dma settings again, thx, don

Matt Whitlock
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Hi donald,

Hi donald,

I don't see any reason why you shouldn't be able to have both programs installed at the same time. From what I know of each, they shouldn't conflict with each other.

Your DMA settings should remain even if you uninstall DVDfab, but could revert back to lower settings over time if you're using some less than perfect DVDs. I'd keep it installed just to make it easy to reset again if needed. Either way, you can always reinstall DVDfab at any time.

Have fun! 


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