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Zenith TV

I have a 1989 Zenith Floor Model TV. I think the vertical is out on the tv. You can bang on the side of the TV and it will fix it sometimes and sometimes it wont. Im thinking it is the vertical on the TV. Do you guys know of how to get to the vertical to adjust it. I cant find it on the panel or anywhere on the tv and dont have the original remote or the manuel. Can anyone help. Thanks.

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if your picture shrinks to a

if your picture shrinks to a small horizontal line than you may just have bad solder connections on the vertical ic. also you may have a bad cap but try the soldering first that maybe all it is.

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ok thanks, is that an easy

ok thanks, is that an easy problem to fix or does it require a service call.

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if you don't have any

if you don't have any experinece with electronics, yes, call a tech. because you will be dealing with removal of the chasis and dealing with high voltages even when the tv is unplugged.  There are hazards inside every television. charged caps in power supplies, crt hv (second anode) lead has several thousand volts on it.

If this makes you jumpy call a tech ! -- that is what we are here for.


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