Mistubishi Convergence problems

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Mistubishi Convergence problems

I have a Mitsubishi ws-65819 that has convergence problems. It initially had a convergence problem for a minute or so and then lost power. I found 1 fuse in the 24V section to be bad and replaced it. The TV worked fine for a couple of weeks. The convergence problem came back intermittently at first but eventually stayed and I lost power again. I then replaced the 2 convergence IC's (IC8C01 267P150010 HIC - STK392-570) and fuses (F9A04 283P043090 FUSE - LF251 5A and F9A05 283P043090 FUSE - LF251 5A) the TV initially came up OK but after a few minutes the convergence went out again. Any ideas??


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