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pc dvd burning

my dvd burner is slowing up on my pc. in some cases its taking twice as long it burn a dvd . I first thought i may have picked up a virus, but all my programs run  good. I recently installed norton 360 ,i heard that it could have slowed   it down. i don't know. It had started slowing up before i  installed  norton 360. When i use nero it takes about 32 minutes,where it was taking  8 to 12 minutes. I have 1 click copy also it takes over 1 hour and a half, where it was taking about 20 minutes to burn a movie. don

Matt Whitlock
Depending on the age of the

Depending on the age of the drive, your problem might be caused by a change in your DMA settings. If you burn/copy a ton of discs in bad shape, the OS will throttle the IDE channel down to PIO mode, which is a lot slower.

Here's how to check: Control Panel --> System --> Hardware Tab --> Device Manager

Click the plus sign next to IDE ATA/ATAPI Controllers (assuming you have an IDE based drive) --> Select the IDE channel your drive is connected to (primary or secondary, check all four if you're not sure). --> Right Click and select properties --> Click "advanced settings"

You'll see DMA settings for device 0 and 1. In Transfer Mode, you'll see the selected DMA setting, and underneath the current mode. 

What is the current transfer mode? 


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