In-car WiFi threatens to topple even satelite radio?

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Jeff Block
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In-car WiFi threatens to topple even satelite radio?

Read an interesting news blurb about in-car WiFi - or an Internet connection in your car. 

Radio Ink seems to think that, over the next several years, it will severely damage the dominance of radio as the preferred entertainment medium in the car.  Maybe, but it seems like radio will just adapt. 

They claim that 1% of cars will have WiFi one year after it becomes available - which is bunk because it's already been available since at least CES 2007, and nobody has it.  Maybe 0.0001% or something similar.  They further go on to claim that 10 years in, over 50% of the American public will have a net connection in their vehicles.  I find that hard to believe.

But we'll see.  Anyone else got any thoughts? 

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I've seen FAX machines in

I've seen FAX machines in cars, so nothing surprises me. Of course, just because you can doesn't mean you should, as in the case of the FAX machine. How about an online gaming session while driving? Perhaps an XBox 720 controller built into the steering wheel, and the windshield doubles as a holographic gaming display.


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