Plasma TVs Banned for Drawing to much Power?

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Jeff Block
Plasma TVs Banned for Drawing to much Power?

OUCH! The UK is evidently considering banning plasma TV's (along with a number of other home appliances) because they draw too much power ... up to like 2% of the nation's total power consumption, according to the The Sun. They seem particularly focused on eliminating the "standby" mode in many electronics.

Now that's a bit of an over-reaction, don't you think? Besides, I just don't see this happening. You?

Larry Dillon
I have seen this before but

I have seen this before but did not have a comment until I ran across this again. If they get rid of standby circuits in the TV set, How is the remote suppose to turn on the TV set, The standby on solid state TV sets are not like the old tube type TV sets that had the heaters of the tubes at half power and would draw some current. The solid state TV set only is supply a very small 5 volts to the microprocessor and the remote sensor. This draws very little voltage and current. That is simply overkill if you ask me. If they want to save electricity, why don't they turn off the light on all the national buildings and bridges after midnight or go in that direction. Again, the government takes but does not give.

the only alternative i see

the only alternative i see would be a lithium battery. But i agree that seems like overkill.


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