camera flash guns pre-digital

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camera flash guns pre-digital

I have recently purchased a canon 350d, I would like to use the flash guns I have had for years for studio lighting, but the shop assistants seem clueless to help these days. Different to the shop assistants that i dealt with years ago. I have four flash guns: Canon 299t (Hot foot), Miranda Multi-dedicated 700CD (Hot foot), Cobra auto 210 (Hot foot), Sunpak auto 140 (Wire) I need some way of connecting them all together. And getting them to fire, with a slave unit, that i haven't got at the moment.

The Canon 299T I am told by said shop assistants, will damage my camera, if i try to use it with my Canon EOS 350D.

Being retired, I can't afford to buy new studio lighting. And it seems rediculous with all these perfectly working flash guns, if I can't use them with my Canon EOS 350D

Any help/advice would be very gratefully received.


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