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My digital camera got dropped in water. Can it be saved?

Matt Whitlock
Well SherryZ,

Well SherryZ,

As someone who's also let his digital camera take a dip once before, I can tell you my experience didn't turn out so well. If it was dropped in salt water, then no, it's toast.

Though unlikely, if you dropped it in freshwater, you can remove the battery, and let the camera and battery dry for at least a week in a warm place that has lots of air movement (pointing a fan at it helps). After a week, plug at all back in and cross your fingers.

I don't expect that experiement to go well, but it's the only shot you have. If you decide to buy a new camera, let use know what you get. Come here and tell the TechLore Community about it. 

This may sound a bit odd, but

This may sound a bit odd, but here is the best way to handle water dipping issues.

1) Remove any batteries immediately.

2) If dropped in water, keep the unit sealed in a plastic bag until it can be serviced.

3) Get it services ASAP.

The problem with water is not the water as mush as the minerals within it.  Once the water evaporates, it leaves behind all kinds of bad stuff that can alter the functioning of circuits.  Also, in the case of salt water, the salts are corrosive and will actually eat away at the circuit traces.  The key to saving equipment is to get is washed and dried ASAP.  Using a chemical wash and drying the unit can save it.



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