Dell E152FPC 15" LCD flat screen monitor

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Dell E152FPC 15" LCD flat screen monitor

Hello i have a Dell E152FPC 15" LCD flat screen monitor when i turn the monitor on it comes on for a sec then it goes off if you look at the black screen you can see the web page in the black screen.

Matt Whitlock
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Hi Buckie,

Hi Buckie,

PC monitors are a bit off topic for TechLore, which doesn't really focus on PC products. However, have you tried unplugging the monitor for several hours, then plugging back in? Sometimes a simple reset like that can fix odd problems.

Given the size, I'm guessing that monitor isn't new. How old is your monitor? 

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3 years old are they a forum

3 years old are they a forum on the net.

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Lcd monitors usually have

Lcd monitors usually have what is called a "backlight".  This is the same as on a laptop screen.  These lights can fail or the circuit that drives the light can fail.  If you can see the image but it is dark, I'd suspect this light.  This is not a repair for the novice.  Opening the monitor is tricky and there is high voltage present which can hurt you.  Please bring this to a service center.  If the bulb is out or the circuit is bad, there are replacements that shouldn't be too expensive.


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I have the same problem with

I have the same problem with my E152FPc monitor. After reading other troubleshooting articles, it appears to be my inverter is bad. A replacement is cheap enough, but my dilema is "How do I open the monitor to get to the components." I got the stand off, no problem (4 screws), and I got the front panel almost completely off except for the front bottom right, that has the wired connector attached for the power and adjustments. I cant figure how to unplug the connector and if I pull too hard, I'm afraid of breaking the wires.

Does anyone have any answers or ideas. Thank you. Your help would be appreciated greatly.......Rich


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