my w90 samsung camcorder

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my w90 samsung camcorder

hi im not having much luck with elctrical appliences this year. i went on holiday with my cam to get all the views on a tape but when i switched it on the playback mode was working from previous recordings but when i tried to tape the screen was back i couldnt see anything through the view fnder. yes the lens cap was off!!!!!! can any1 help its my pride possesion.

It is possible that the iris

It is possible that the iris is stuck closed.  Some older Sony camcorders had this problem.  What happens, is that a small amount of oil gets onto the iris "flaps" and they stick together.  The motor that controls the movement is not very strong (nor does it need to be).  The only way to repair this is to dis-assemble the mechanism and carefully clean the parts, then re-assemble.  This is not a repair for the novice.  Camera work is tricky at best.  Please bring the camera to an authorized service center for a look.



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