kv34hs420 Degauss ?

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kv34hs420 Degauss ?

Hello to all,

I have a 3 year old Sony K34HS320 34" FD Trinitron high scan tv that I paid a whopping $1200.00 for in 2004.I spoke with a technician at Sony and was told that it was not worth repairing? OK I'll just shell out $1200.00 every 3 years since I'm loaded and I know Sony would be proud.NOT!!!!! Well, now it makes a sound like when you reset a computer monitor (Degauss)? and blinks or flashes 6 and 7 times. If I hit the power button again, the tv turns on and seems to work fine. I have read several articles on the internet from defective part on the "D" board to loose solder connections. Can anyone please tell me which board to look for and it's location? I will gladly pay you for your help via paypal.



Larry Dillon
Where are you located and are

Where are you located and are you sure of the model number?

Hello Larry, I live in

Hello Larry, I live in Lawrenceville Georgia and I listed the model # incorrectly. It is actually KV-34HS420. I did purchase a service manual online today and am currently looking at Horizontal Deflection Stopped which the manual states happens with 7 flashes.  Occurs when either:1) a +B overcurrent is detected (IC5007), or 2) overheating is detected (Thermistor TH5002). I am also going to check Low B OCP/OVP which the manual states when 6 flashes are indicated (I had both) Occurs when set 5V is out. Their appearance looks fine and I am next going to check their value's. Does the set have to be plugged in? or is this a Stupid question? Thanks for your help Larry. I need all I can get!                                Thanks! Tony

Larry Dillon
Yes these test need to be

Yes these test need to be made while the set is live so please be careful.

Well, today I checked IC5007

Well, today I checked IC5007 and the values listed were correct. I wasn't sure how to check Thermistor TH5002. After I reconnected the DZ board, I went to the Set-up Screen test as follows. In standby mode, press buttons on the Remote Commander sequentially, in rapid succession, as shown : DISPLAY, Channel 5, Sound volume - and Power ON.  All of the values were at 0. Maybe when I disconnected the DZ Board, it cleared any error messages that were stored. It's strange that the only time the set goes into the shutdown flashing 7 times mode is when it has been off over night. I can hit the power again and the TV turns on and works fine for the rest of the day, even if I turn it off and back on again after an hour or so. I am lost! I need your input!!!!!

 Thanks! Twald

Larry Dillon
Dang, you got me. It makes no

Dang, you got me. It makes no sense.

Hello Again All, Here is what

SurprisedHello Again All, Here is what I came up with after realizing I ckecked the wrong IC before.



PIN 1                2.4V                             2.6V                         

PIN 2                0.7V                             .624V                       

PIN 3                9.OV                             .89V                                        

PIN 4                1.6V                             1.562V

PIN 5                GND                             -------

PIN 6                3.9V                             4.0V

PIN 7                2.7V                             3.77V

PIN 8                0.4V                             4.07V

PIN 9                3.0V                             2.0V

PIN 10              N/C                              -------

PIN 11              N/C                              -------

PIN 12              GND                             -------

PIN 13              N/C                              -------   

PIN 14              0.7V                             .618V



PIN I (NPUT)                 7.OV                 9.55v

PIN O (UTPUT)              5.0V                 5.0v

GND                               -------              -------

The set will still turn on but after sitting overnight, in immediately goes to the standby mode where I then get the (6 Blinks). I can press the power button again and the set will power up and works fine all day. I can go into the diagnostic screen and reset the error 6 code to 0 to eliminate the blinking light and I can turn the set on and off without any error codes during the day. It seems like the only time I get the error code 6 is when the set has been off for an extended period of time (overnight) in my case. Does anyone have any suggestions as far as what to check or replace next? Your expertise advise is in strongly needed !!! Thanks ahead of time! Tony

rocky 2
iguess the experts have no

iguess the experts have no answer for i have the same problem and had or thought it was fixed and still does it helppppppppppp!!!!!!!!!

I have the same set mine was

I have the same set mine was cutting out for a second or two a couple days ago and today when I tried to turn it on you could hear the sound for a few seconds then it shuts down and blinks repeatedly 7 code does not turn on long enough to get a pic. any thoughts???


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