Games won't play!"!

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Games won't play!"!

Hi guys. Look i'm a little retarded for technology's sake so a little help here!

I've got NBA and NHL 2k7 for the ps3 and neither will run. Just keeps saying can't run on "Video output settings"  Only running ps3 of those bloody red white yellow leads would this have a big bearing.

Tried changing the settings in the menu but only accepts the basic settings.  I have just bought a HD lcd tv ( brand new ) and had been running on a newish tv before. Just keep getting same message.  I can play, Sonic,Transformers, tennis, F1, Pirates of the caribbean, just not these bloody things. help me pleaseeee!!

Matt Whitlock
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Hmmm... So I didn't quite

Hmmm... So I didn't quite follow exactly how you have your PS3 hooked up to your HDTV. Are you using the yellow/red/and white cables? What are your current video settings?

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Go buy yourself some

Go buy yourself some component cables or hdmi cable see if it works then.Make sure when you change you ps3 diplay settings you pick the one you buy.


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