progressive scan and 1080p

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progressive scan and 1080p

I have recentley bought a 1080p LG TV and when i try to put my Playstation 2 games on progressive scan mode the tv says no signal. I thought the P stood for prgressiv scan. can anyone explain why it dont work?

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You might look at waht the tv

You might look at waht the tv can see in resolution most of the older playstaion games are made to play in a 480i format so it might be the game is not made for a 780P resolution. The playstation 3 does have games that are 1080P and will also playback the 720P game. If you find one of the original 60GB vrersions of the PS# it has the PS2 chipset inside and will play most of the older PS2 and PS1 games. If you get the 80GB version they have emulation software in them to play some games and the new 40GB version will not be backwards compatible at all .

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p stands for pixels.Your tv

p stands for pixels.Your tv may not support progressive scan you have to read the manual to see what modes it supports.Also goto display settings on your ps3 make sure 480p is checked and 1080p.Hope this helps.


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