Sony Channel Programming->Old Sony TV

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Sony Channel Programming->Old Sony TV

First of all I wish to express my gratitude for having this forum available.....

LSS: Our DishNet installer changed the channels on our ancient SONY KV 1929 R set.  It now is programmed to receive ONLY channels 3 & 60.  With anyone's help we would like to bring back more channels. Attaced below are: (1) a YouTube view of the front of our TV set controls and (2) a link to a still photo of the Add/Erase buttons and controls....

1.  (cut& paste)

2.  (cut&paste)

   On item 2, click image to enlarge. 

Very grateful for any help offered                            

Larry Dillon
OK how you program these

OK how you program these older Sony TV set is, press the channel number on the remote control that you want to watch.  Then simply press a tooth pick, paper clip, or something small into the add button. Then the TV set will scan the channels you add with the channel up and down buttons.  You can do the same if you come to a blank station while using the up and down channels buttons that you do not want on the TV set by going to the unwanted channel and pressing the delete button.  See, not hard what so ever.  Good Luck, and let us know how this turns out for you. Oh cute pooch.  Seems to be sticking out his/her tongue.

Thanks, LD.  Going to work on

Thanks, LD.  Going to work on it today.  No remote w/the TV so we'll have to pull the universal one and work from that angle.  Update later

Larry Dillon
If you cannot change the

If you cannot change the channels manually with the remote control, you cannot add  channels, as I said you have to manually punch in a station to add, but you can still delete them.

Thanks again LD. Every

Thanks again LD. Every attempt to ADD channels with the remote failed. I could delete but not add. I'm passing the set on to Salvation Army. Got a nice slightly used 20-inch flat screen from Craigs List. You were a big help but the old set was incorrigible. MM

Larry Dillon
The add button switch on the

The add button switch on the inside board is probably bad then.  Sorry you were not able to get it to work.  Maybe we can assist you in the future.

Hello, I too am in need of

Hello, I too am in need of some sony tv help. I have an 20 yr ,give or take, sony that has no menu button and will not work with universal remotes to display one. However, it does have the channels 3 6 10 and works with cable. You cannot skip to channels just up and down 3 6 10. A vcr that was tried was hard set to channel 4 and could not work with the tv. any ideas? tsnks for any help.

i accidentally delete a

i accidentally delete a channel but then i can not add the channel i deleted. How will i add the channel again?

I accidentally deleted a

I accidentally deleted a channel.How can i retrieve that channel? I don't have the remote for that TV. Please help me.

I also have an older model

I also have an older model Sony. The remote is long gone, we've been operating it with the DishNet remote. We just moved the TV to a different room & needed to set up the box remote to this TV. Somehow in the process, we hit auto channel on the Set up Menu. When this finished, the TV became stuck on Channel 11 instead of Channel 3, which is what we need. We can't seem to get it back to Channel 3. It's a really nice 36" TV with a good picture & sound & I really want to be able to use it. Any suggestions?


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