Transfer songs from mp3 to computer

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Transfer songs from mp3 to computer

I have an old ipod nano and most of my songs are from other computers and i was wondering if anybody knew how to transfer songs from the ipod to the computer so i can make a cd or something like that.

Okay here is the deal. Either

Okay here is the deal. Either get a free ware program that finds the specific songs you would like. I use Podlift. Go to to down load. Or the other way. Step by step would go like this. With the iPod plugged in Start, My computer, double click on the iPod and it will show you 3 file folders with nothing in them usually (Calanders, contacts, notes, photos, etc...) Click on "tools" in the task bar. Next in the drop down menu click on "Folder Options". Next click the "View" Tap. Under the Advanced settings field click "Show hidden Files and Folders. Then Click okay to Close "Folder Options". Now 1 hidden files will show up "Ipod Control". Double Click into there. Double CLick into the "Music" Folder. There will be file folders F00- F03 or F04 and for larger ipods F00-F49. Highlight all the folders and COPY! (DO NOT CUT). Paste those folders into My Music. Now in iTUNES Click FILE ( Top left hand corner) and Click "Add Folder to Library" in the Browse section find the folders F00 through what ever and load them individually. They will automatically pop up in iTunes with the correct file names and everything. Pretty Simple!

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