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Okayy so i jus bought guitar hero 2 and Dance Dance Revolution and Karaoke Revolution as well as many other games BUT my playstation is now broken....and i dont have alot of money cuz i dont have a job here are the symptoms:

-everytime i turn on the playstation by hitting the button in the front (red), it will go on for a unknown amount of time (from 1 second to 3 hours) but usually for a very short time and it continues to reset and is very touchy. any pressure on the top will reset it as well but even if you stand perfectly still it will continue to turn on and off.

-my brother took the top off a while ago so maybe things got jiggled around but i dunno.

PLEASE respond to this or email me at [email protected]


Matt Whitlock
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Sorry to say,  but your

Sorry to say,  but your Playstation 2 needs repair or replacement. Given the symptoms, there's nothing you or your brother can do to fix it. Sony offers repair on PS2s, and it's fairly reasonable. 

From their site:

How to Obtain Service

Please contact SCEA Consumer Services for technical assistance with a PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system.

SCEA Consumer Services

1-800-345-SONY (7669)
Monday - Saturday 6:00 AM - 8:00 PM PST
Sunday 7:00 - AM 6:30 PM PST
Or contact us online.

For customers outside the U.S. & Canada, please visit PlayStation® Global at for more information.

Second, when you post something here at TechLore, please choose the most relevant categories. You don't need to tag it to everything. Seriously, how was this related to MP3 players and Telephones? 

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If he opened it he may not

If he opened it he may not have put the power and reset button on correctly.If you have the time you may have to open again make sure it clips on when you put it back together.You will see where it clips on.Here is link to watch it done.


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