JVC DVD Player won't stay powered up

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JVC DVD Player won't stay powered up

 My JVC XV-S500BK unit has recently developed an odd problem.

When I try to power it on, it will immediately power itself off.  If I press the power switch

again and again, it will stay on longer and longer before it shuts down.  Eventually, it will

stay on.  For the rest of the evening, as long as I don't power the unit down, it works great.  

Next day, however, it will have the same problem.  It was a cheap refurbished unit when

I purchased it 5 years ago, but has done fine.  Any ideas on how to fix it?  I guess I'd

call this a "cold start" problem. 

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  I fixed this.  Noticed a

  I fixed this.  Noticed a bulging 10V 1000uF capacitor in the power supply area.   C975 was bad.   Replaced it, and the unit works fine now.

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Similar problem. My 3-disc

Similar problem. My 3-disc DVD player, model XV-M567, will not stay powered on. I see no internal part that appears to be abnormal in shape. In my case the unit's red standby indicator never turns green regardless how many times I press the power button. The indicator lights at the 3 tray buttons light up green for only a split second.


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