Connecting a DVD Player to a Philips TV

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Connecting a DVD Player to a Philips TV

My mother has a Philips TV Model # 27PS55S321 for which she has misplaced the Owners Manual. I'm trying to connect her Emerson DVD player so she can play DVDs. I've connected the DVD player to my Sony TV & it works fine. I just use the TV/Video on the remote, click it once to Video 1, & turn on the DVD player. The remote to the Philips TV does not have a TV/Video button. It has a switch on the side w/ 3 settings: TV, VCR, & ACC. I've tried putting the switch on the VCR & ACC settings & the TV picture stays on even when the DVD player is on. I bought & connected a video jack that connects the TV to the DVD and connected the audio (?) cords w/ the white, red, & yellow connections. I've tried to find a web site that would enable me to download a TV Owners Manual w/ no success. I've tried to find a Philips TV customer service phone # w/ no success. My brother doesn't think the TV's computer is programmed properly & says we're fighting a losing battle. Any suggestions?

Matt Whitlock
Well, it shouldn't be

Well, it shouldn't be terribly difficult to get things going. I guess the first important question to ask is if the remote in use on her TV is the one that came with the set. If it's an aftermarket universal, then it may not have the button or code you need.

Second, the switch you've described at the top of the remote wouldn't switch inputs on the set. The remote you've described can control more than just the TV. The switch at the top tells the remote what device you want it to talk to.

Sony uses the term TV/VIDEO to describe changing inputs. There are other common terms though. Look for a button labled "INPUT" or "AUX" or just "INP". On other sets, sometimes you have to channel down below Channel 2 (or higher than the largest programed channel number), and your Aux inputs reside there. There could be other ways or buttons. Give a look. And if you want, list some of the buttons the remote has. Maybe I could tell you which it is.

Very important question: Is it the original remote?  

Thanks, Matt, for your help.

Thanks, Matt, for your help. The DVD worked on Channel 127. You have made my mom a very happy 84 year old great grandmother!

Pla Gha


I have a Philips TV as well as a Philips DVD Player too.

The 3 headed cable port containing Red, Yellow and White color at both ends.

I am unable to connect the DVD to TV. There is same colors port at the back of DVD, so I inserting those matching colors cable ports into those points. There are so many ports at the back of the TV. But I am getting confused in which port and how to connect at the back of the TV.

Please help.

Thanks in advance,


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