Identifying a Varistor's Value

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Identifying a Varistor's Value

We had a power surge (blown transformer) which blew the varistor(metal oxide labelled MOV1) on my kenmore oven's control panel.  I'l like t replace it but the varistor blew with such force it burned to a crisp.

It's yellow, 15mm in diameter, I can read in a column




The CSA logo and below that a triangle.  Not much to go on.

 The board is made by Appliance Control Technology inc (chicago baseD) but I can't seem to find info on them.

Unfortunately Sears canada gives out no parts information.  I ordered the entire board (400$) but will return it once I see the varistor I need since the rest of the board is fine.

ny help id'ing it ahead of time would assist greatly.

The oven/range is model c880_6782190

I have the same stove that

I have the same stove that had the same problem. The NTE 2V250 varistor workslike a charm. Also, be sur to check the condition of the wiring around the varistor, as it may have been damaged. I had to solder in a length of wire to bridge a burned out section on the back of the circuit board.


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