My 2 yr old TV no longer will turn on!

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My 2 yr old TV no longer will turn on!

I bought my SYLVANIA 19" TV/VCR/DVD COMBO  MODEL # 6719DF at Best Buy

about two years ago (or less). It has been a flawless TV....until today.

The tv no longer turns on. The power outlet is fine, as the fan works. Plus, this

outlet is the one we used for this tv since we bought problems. There is no sound

at all when you hit the power button, same with the sound at all.

No lights come on, none of the buttons are's just dead!

PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know nothing about tv's, and can't afford

to pay a fortune to a tech!

Larry Dillon
If you know nothing about TV

If you know nothing about TV sets, it is not the place to be experimenting around inside of. There is enough voltage inside these things to hurt you, even when they are unplugged. Maybe a fuse blew, but that very rarely happens for no reason what so ever.  You would not be able to trouble shoot this set unless you know how to read a schematic diagram and how the different circuits work inside the TV sets.  My best advice is for you to take the set to a repair shop, as what do you expect to fix on a set you know nothing about my friend?  Sorry but this is not a repair for the novice.  Good Luck and let us know if you had the set repaired.

That set was built by Funai

That set was built by Funai with a Sylvania badge on it.  They were good for Microprocessor IC's going out on them.  You'll probably wind up spending more to fix the thing than it's worth.


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