1 red lamp flash every 5 seconds

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1 red lamp flash every 5 seconds

I have a panasonic projection HDTV model pt-52LCX65 for just over one year.  Aout 6 weeks ago I noticed to green circles of color in the upper left and center of the screen. Any object on the screen was tinged with green.  Finally about 2 weeks ago, the picture went out and the lamp indicator light flashes red once every 5 seconds.  I never got the OSD message "lamp needs replacement."  Is it the $284.00 lamp that needs replacement or is there another repair issue? The lamp according to panasonic is easy to replace by consumer.

You're lamp has probably

You're lamp has probably failed but that's not what was causing the green circles.  That's due to a bad engine.  Hope you bought an extended warranty.

I am having the same issue.

I am having the same issue. Question: If the lamp has blown, would the sound still work?


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