Questioning the iPhone: Is it true that non-Apple headphones need a special adapter?

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Jeff Block
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Questioning the iPhone: Is it true that non-Apple headphones need a special adapter?

What question? What are you talking about?

The Apple iPhone was released on June 29th, amid a flurry of press coverage, hype, and strong opinions. Long time TechLore member and super gadget geek Steven Jones frothed at the mouth, and published a three-part Ode to the iPhone in the process. Read his rants at:

Eric Brandt, a newer member, harshly countered Steven's iPhone fervor with a list of questions, which I've broken out into the forums. This is question #4. I wanna hear what you think.

Eric's Question

Is it true that non-Apple headphones need a special adapter?

He writes...

All because Apple deliberately recessed the jack?

And what about stereo Bluetooth headsets – is it true they won't work with iPhones?

What's your answer?

Okay, Techlore people... I want to know what you think! What's your answer?

Matt Whitlock
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Not sure about A2DP support

Not sure about A2DP support for bluetooth headphones (my 8525 supports them though), but it does seem a little silly that an "iPod" won't work with regular headphones without an adapter. Apple's way of giving the accessory makers a cookie. Thanks for greeding me out of my 5-10 bucks Apple!

I'll be fair though. My 8525 doesn't support regular headphones without a mini-USB to headphone adapter. However, my smartphone isn't advertised as an MP3 player either.

I'll call this a draw, but since the headphone jack is there, just "conveniently" placed out of reach, I think they did it intentionally and to penny pinch consumers for another few bucks.

Michael Czyz
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it is a non-standard 1/8"

it is a non-standard 1/8" jack, and it is evil.  i wanted to plug in to someone's aux-in and play something on their home system, but i couldn't.  my biggest annoyance with the iphone so far.

i also want to stream to an airport express over wifi, just because i should be able to.  this would be at least one reasonable approach for bigger room audio, but the adapter requirement is very rude.

makes sense, though, because the headphones have a mic so they need another circuit...  but still.

Steven Jones (not verified)
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Michael, I love the Airport

Michael, I love the Airport Express feature request - I think I would use that and pretend I had a Sonos system! I also have to agree with the crippled headphone jack. I don't want to believe it was done that way to support a new accessory category of recessed-headphone-jack-converter-to-every-other-set-of-headphones-you-already-own products.


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