Palm Tungsten E2 and Sanyo Katana, Are they compatible?

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Palm Tungsten E2 and Sanyo Katana, Are they compatible?

I have a Palm Tungsten E2 PDA and a Sanyo Katana Sprint PCS phone. The problem that I am having is that I haven't been able to properly connect my PDA with my phone wirelessly yet. My phone has bluetooth connectivity and also has wireless web and my pda has bluetooth connectivity as well but needs a phone or modem to activate it's wireless web function. I was able to tinker with both devices a little a got to the point where both my phone and my pda saw each as a trusted device however I have not been able to move past that point. When I went to dial my home number through my PDA to connect to my cell, I saw the bluetooth being active but there was no connection. My same frustrations lie in the wireless web function on my pda. When I try to activate the wireless web on my PDA the connection cannot be made and it ends up giving me an error message that says Error: no carrier.

I am really frustrated!! Can someone help me? Can this connection be possible considering that my phone is on a CDMA network? If not what can I do that will make this connection work? Is there another handheld software that I can purchase or download that I can put on my Palm that will make it work? If there is no solution then I will consider sending back my Tungsten.

 Please help!!! Thank you!


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