I need help with my MP4 Player

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I need help with my MP4 Player

Hello All that read this.

I just got an MP4 player and I cannot get any files to transfer from my computer

to the device.  I have installed the driver and when I go to media player and sync it

it looks like the files are going but then when I check it there is nothing there.

HEEELLLPPPPP!!!  Can any one help me???

Thank You,


Ron Repking (not verified)
What kind of mp4 player

What kind of mp4 player exactly?  What have you tried?

  I am not sure what brand it

  I am not sure what brand it is but I am regretting buying it off of e-bay.  It is supposed to hold almost 500 songs, movies, and pictures. It also has an fm radio. The instrucion manual is in english but not good english.....it is very hard to understand. It had to have been translated by some foriegn person.

In the instructions it says that if I have windows XP then I dont have to use the driver disc. I connected the mp4 to the computer and tried downloading music to it from the windows media player. It looked as tho it was working but when I went to check the device there were "no files found"

It came with a small cd-driver...so I installed that and still nothing is downloaded to my MP4 player.

I have no idea why it wont work.

my mp4 wouldn't work aswell,

my mp4 wouldn't work aswell, but i managed to fix it, all you have to do is format it. download MP3 Player Utilities 3.68 for free off the internet, and with that package there is a formating tool for mp4s and mp3.


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