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My friends Camera


I am trying to help my friend with her camera, but the problem is we live in different states.  I believe she said she had a Vivitar Vivicam 5386.  When I go to their website i only see 5385.  Either she is saying it wrong or the camera is old and they no longer have it on their website.  But here is our problem.  Is there a way to get this camera to work as a PC camera.  We are wanting to be able to have a video chat so that our families can talk to eachother while seeing eachother (She is my cousin).  Any help?

Thanks so much

Matt Whitlock
Most digital cameras I've

Most digital cameras I've seen, particularly those that are a few years old, can't be used as webcams on a normal PC. That kind of functionality requires a specific driver, and most camera makers don't want to bother.

That being said, some cameras do offer this ability. Check Vivitar's website and see if any cameras they sell have a webcam PC driver available for download. If you don't see one listed for any of their cameras, then they probably never made one for hers. If they do, try and find software for her specific model. 

Assuming they don't, Logitech, Creative, Microsoft and other companies make a variety of PC specific webcams. I'm sure if your cousin keeps an eye on the Sunday paper, she'll be able to find one at a great deal. Newegg even has the Logitech Messenger on sale for a little over 20 bucks:

If getting one at the lowest price possible is the goal, then she should head out into the neighborhood on a Friday or Saturday and starting hitting the yard sales. I've found (and purchased) several webcams (in fact, the cam on the PC I'm sitting at is using a cam purchased at a yard sale) in stranger's driveways for less than five bucks. Just make sure you get one with a name brand, like Logitech or Creative, if no software is provided by the seller. Name brands are typically post the necessary software online at their websites.

Good luck, and keep us posted. 


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