polaroid pda-1045 upside down picture

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polaroid pda-1045 upside down picture

hi all.

wondering if anyone out there has had a problem with a poleroid portable dvd player.ive played 4 dvds through it,and now the screen is upside down.two technitions have both had a look,and cant fix it.short of sending it back,out of warrenty,is it a commen thing.nothing in settings worked.

thank you   re mick

Larry Dillon
That type of unit is made to

That type of unit is made to be played with the DVD body mounted under a cabinet, or to be sitting on a table or desk.  There is a small switch in the hinge part of the LCD screen that is bad or the pin is broken that activates the switch.  This small switch changes the picture to be upright or upside down, depending on how the unit is being mounted or watched.  I have, in the past simply wired the switch to the correct postion of the picture.  Good luck, and let us know how you made out with this player.


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