Outdoor Stereo Weatherproofing

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Outdoor Stereo Weatherproofing

I have recently installed outdoor speakers around our pool and have a built in bar where the speaker wire is run.  I have an older stereo receiver that I plug our MP3 into and play music.  The issue I am having is the underside of the bar is open to the weather (and wet kids) and I am somewhat tired of dragging the receiver in and out.  Has anyone heard of a weatherproof case for a full sized stereo receiver?  I would love to be able to plug it in and not ever worry about it again.  I thought about building something out of plexiglass so the remote will work while weatherproofing the area where the stereo sits.  However, if I could buy some type of case, that would be much easier than building something with plexiglass.



The biggest problem you will

The biggest problem you will encounter is the lack of ventilation.  Household receivers are not meant to be run in a box.  Place the receiver on a shelf overhead somewhere that is protected from the wind and rain.  That is the best you can do.



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