Whats wrong with my projection tv and can I fix it?

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Whats wrong with my projection tv and can I fix it?

Well here's the story. I have had my projection tv for a long time now (about 7-8 years). it is a very nice tv but about a year ago it broke. when you turn it on it makes a high pitched pop noise that sounds like a rubberband hiting a cardboard box. when it does this there are 3 lights on the tv the power, SAP, and the sterio...all light up. but no picture or sound comes out. before it broke it would have picture and sound but the pic was dark and fuzzy then it craped out. i was just wondering if anyone knew what happened and if I can fix it.  thanks for any answers i might get..:D

Larry Dillon
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Maybe we can help you

Maybe we can help you diagnoise your TV set if you did not make me guess!?  What type of TV set, and what is the model number, and do you have any experience repairing TV sets or working with printed circuit boards?

Damon H
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When I turn on my rear

When I turn on my rear projection tv it's fine until it warms up once warm the color in the picture turns green you can still watch tv its just green what's wrong

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damon, you did not mention

damon, you did not mention the model of your tv.


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