Portable dvd player won't read dvd's but plays cds

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Portable dvd player won't read dvd's but plays cds

We have a portable Audiovox DVD player that worked for a little while then stopped reading dvd's (but will play cd's).  It was still in warranty so we sent it back.  It worked when we got it back and we took it on vacation.  We only use this player when traveling on vacation.  Well 6 months later on spring break we were using it.  It was working 1 minute then stopped the next minute.  Again same problem, we put the dvd in it spins and says no disc and stops.  It still plays cd's.  We called audiovox and of course they say the previous repair has a 90 day warranty.  Of course we explained how we do not use it often at all ......No luck.  They want $100  to fix it.  Forget it for a unit that has had the same problem.  So we thought we would see if there was anything we could do.  We tried cleaning the lens.  Still reads cd's but not DVD's.  Any ideas?  I guess we can always use it to play music.


When the optics start to

When the optics start to degrade, the first symptom is usually that DVDs won't play.  CDs will continue to play.  Try cleaning the lens with alcohol.  If that doesn't work, the unit is junk.



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