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Music to my MP3


 I bought a samsung yp-k3 2 gb mp3 player.  I made a playlist and copied all the music files that were already in my media player or ripped them so the were included.  Now, I don't have a lot of memory on my laptop so I want to know once the music files sync, if I delete the files to make room for more cds that I rip, will this delete music already on my mp3?  Thanks in advance.

Matt Whitlock
Provided the music isn't copy

Provided the music isn't copy protected, and you don't use a proprietary software suite to load music (Windows Media Player is not proprietary), you *should* be able to delete the music from the PC without consequence. Hoewever, since I've never tried that with a Yepp player, and I don't have one here to test with, you should try it with one CD or a few songs as an experiement.

Post back with your results.

hi i bought a etec mp3  and

hi i bought a etec mp3  and when i tryed to put songs it dosnt work what do i do?  


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