My blue screen blues!

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Lady Bugged
My blue screen blues!

Helppp! I'm the proud owner a (usually) useful camera sony HDR-HC3 1080i. Unfortunately, I turned it on this morning to play back tapes and I only get a blue screen. I have tried several tapes and rewinded and forwarded the tapes but still a blank screen. The camera seems to be working fine and "recording" was okay and the still camera also works. There are no symbols blinking to alert me that's something wrong.

No, I didn't drop the camera, nor is there condensation, and I checked that the power is on. What else could be wrong that I'm only getting a blue screen when I've pressed playback (and I can hear the tape whirring in the background so it's not stuck). please help.

oh, someone told me that this is a problem that all Sony 'flippable" lcd panel cameras suffer from. can you confirm and is there a way i can fix the blue screen problem without resorting to the support/repair centre (who will hang on to my camera for longer than I can afford?)

many thanks,


Matt Whitlock
sorry, can you clarify if you

sorry, can you clarify if you're getting the blue screen on a TV it's connected to, or on the LCD screen of the camcorder?

If it's the camcorder screen, does the tape play fine when connected to a TV? 


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