When O When Will Cell Phones Get This

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Eric Brandt
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When O When Will Cell Phones Get This

I was looking at one of the first articles posted on this site: "The Way Cell Phones Should Be"


The article is three years old -- which is about fifty years in "gadget years."

And what struck me is that almost all of Steve's complaints about cell phones are still so relevant.... 

1) He said it was too hard to sync phone data with your computer. Now that all kinds of new data is moving back and forth (photos, mp3s, even excel docs) it doesn't seem to have gotten easier for most of us.

2) Steve wanted one power charger for all his devices. How reasonable is that! Why can't we have it? When I travel I need a heavy bag of chargers to keep my stuff alive.

3) He asked why he can't have different phones all using the same phone number... so he can have a cheap phone handy on the boat, but have his expensive smart phone when he goes to work, or on vacation without a laptop....

and my favorite:

4) Why can't we really try before we buy. I'm looking to buy a smart phone, and all I really care about are "ease of use." I gotta like the way a keyboard feels, I have to know the screen will be bright enough in my office. I get to ride my new bicycles through town before buying them. Does any one out there get to use the phone before buying it?

To be fair, Steve's three year old complaint about the wi-fi antennaes on cell phones is no longer that relevant.....

But what about these other points? They seem sooooo reasonable and needed.

Anyone have other pressing new wishlist demands for the cell phone industry?


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