Want to save and edit video on computer

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Want to save and edit video on computer

I bought a Hitachi camcorder (DZGX5020A) that uses mini DVDs and SD cards.  The model I bought doesn't have a USB output, so I can't plug it up directly to my computer, but I want to copy, save and edit the video on the mini DVDs after a recording using my computer.  How do I do this?  Is there some kind of software out there that can combine/convert the files in the 2 folders on the mini DVD [one for audio and one for video (.BUP and .VOB extentions are some extentions)]?  Do I need some kind of video/audio file converter or am I missing something really simple?


Larry Dillon
Try this http://www.techlore
Did you ever get a

Did you ever get a satisfactory answer to this question?  I have the same camera and I need advice on how to convert and edit the DVD files.  I would appreciate any help you can provide.


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