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usb mistake

I accidentally did something to make the little eject icon disappear. I am not sure what happened but now when I plug in my camera the eject icon is gone from my taskbar. Any idea on how to put it back? Or can you tell me another way to eject my camera, so my computer doesn't get mad at me?


Matt Whitlock
Can you elaborate on what you

Can you elaborate on what you "accidentally" did to make the eject icon disappear in the first place? That will help in coming up with any ideas to fix it.

When the safely remove

When the safely remove hardware screen came up I hit enter to fast and safely removed whatever else it said....I am not sure since it is gone.

I tried changing the taskbar in the control panel to always show the safely remove hardware icon, but of course that did not work...that would have been to easy. 

BTW- THe only USB thing

BTW- THe only USB thing constantly plugged into my comp. is my printer and that works just fine.


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