i need help with my dvd camcorderr!

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i need help with my dvd camcorderr!

ok so i have a sony dvd camcorder that i recoreded a project onn.. andd i dont remember taking the disk out but i remember watching what we recorded before i left. and when i arrived home and i turned on the camera to watch the dvd, on the screen it flashes an eject sign and a no disk sign. i need this project by tuesdayy; what do i do???? can anyone help?

Larry Dillon
Try first to disconnect the

Try first to disconnect the battery from the unit for 5 minutes. Reinstall the battery, and at the same time press the power switch and the eject switch at the same time.  See if the unit will give up the Disc and reset.  I hope it does, as this has worked for me in several cases.  If this does not work, I'm afraid you will need to rush this camcorder to the nearest camcorder repair shop and ask them to remove the disc.  Good Luck and let us know how you made out with this camcoder


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