stuck installing my router

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stuck installing my router

i have recently became a pc owner, and i would like to do two things.

1 connrct my pc to the internet via my router.

2 connect my ps3 to the internet

i have my pc connected to the internet via a modem and it works fine. when i connect everything to my router and phone line it all goes well until the end when you press the flashing button that automatically set your router up to the pc. it goes through everything then does nothing and i am still using my modem for internet access.

secondly i got a ps3 on the day of release  hoping i could have some fun with it! but when i follow all the instructions of how to connect to the internet. it can find my router with a sinal of 73% and find my ISP but will not let me get access to the internet. WHY!!!

my pc is upstairs on a phone extensin and my ps3 is downstairs working from the other phone socket. i just dont know what to do.

any help by anyone would be greatfully appreciated.

thanks to anyone trying to help.

kevinw(very frustrated)


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