non responsive program errors

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non responsive program errors

Whenever I try to adjust my volume on my laptop i get an error that says VOLUME CONTROL has .encountered a problem and must close. Now my volume doesn't work. even if I click on the volume icon I get the message. How do I fix this. Also I keep getting message that programs are unresponsive and I have to click CLOSE NOW. How do I fix this problem also.

Matt Whitlock
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It sounds like your laptop is

It sounds like your laptop is full of issues. Though this thread is a bit off topic for the TechLore Community (doesn't relate to consumer electronics), I can give you a few of my thoughts.

1. Boot Windows in Safe mode and scan for viruses, spyware, and malware using multiple tools. (I have a feeling malware and spyware is your problem.)

2. Reinstall your audio drivers. (shot in the dark. Doubt it will help)

3. Back up your data and reinstall windows. (May be a good idea if you've been using the same install for more than 2 years.) If you're not sure how to totally reload a computer, recruit the help of a PC-guru friend or family member. If you don't know any, pop by and post your questions in this thread. I'd be glad to assist where I can. 


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