New TechLore Site Coming - Prepare yourselves

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Matt Whitlock
New TechLore Site Coming - Prepare yourselves

Hi guys,

I wanted to give you a little fair warning that a new version of the TechLore site will be hitting tomorrow. This is a major site redesign, and an entirely new software platform that its running on.

It  will no doubt be confusing, and a little jarring. I'll be happy to let each of you get aquanited with it sometime later this week.

I won't lie, there are still some bugs in there, but we'll be ironing them all out over the next few weeks. There's also some missing features that you may be accustomed to. We're hoping to get everything built back in as soon as possible.

Finally, private topics are one of those "missing features". Until it gets put back in, there will not be a moderators conference room. Please coordinate with me via e-mail if you have any questions or concerns. Lastly, lets all try to get up to speed with Instant messaging. It's a great way to communicate. 

I hope you like the new build!

Lastly... I appreciate all the hard work you guys put in to answering questions and participating on the site. You guys all rock!



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