hitachi hdc-651e

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hitachi hdc-651e

I own a hitachi hdc-651e but i seem to be having problems with it as every time i go to use it it seems to have drained the batteries. I've even put brand new batteries in and used it straight away and after 10 minutes the battery bar is showing only 1 in strength. Hope someone can help

I have one of these too, and

I have one of these too, and mine does the same.

It seems to me there is a problem as the drain on the batteries is too much for the limited power supply.

What a load of rubbish!!!! 

I've go this camera to. The

I've go this camera to. The battery thing sucks but I have really good rechargeable batteries for it so I’ve no worries there. However, I don’t think it takes that good of a picture!!! Is anyone else having any problems with the picture? It's like the flash is 2 bright or the W.Balance is off (even if it is on automatic.) I'm not into technology so I don't know how to fix it but it's annoying when I’m out and want to capture some good moments.Maybe my settings are wrong. Can anyone recommend how I can alter the settings to improve the picture? 



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