Koss home theater won't turn on

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Koss home theater won't turn on

I have a Koss home theater a/v sys w/progressive scan dvd player #ks2503

the standby light comes on  and off w/remote(new batteries), but the unit will not turn on, there are 3 dvd's inside, unplugging doesn't reset unit, no msgs on screen, no activity except standby light.

Larry Dillon
I'm afraid that this unit has

I'm afraid that this unit has a power supply issue or that there is a blown output device, stopping the unit from comming on. You will need to troubleshoot this unit for these problems. If you do not have the electronic knowdgle or experience with these type of circuits, there is no easy fix as these are all solid state and you will best best off to take this receiver to a pro for an estimate. good Luck and please let us know how this works out for you.

These units are not really

These units are not really designed to be repaired.  There are a number of point-to-point wires that make any repair trying to say the least.  If anything within the DVD mechanism does not behave as it should, there will be no action as you have seen.  You will need to get professional assistance for this one.  Ask to get the DVDs removed.  Most places will only charge a minimum bench fee for this.



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