DVD not set up on PS2

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DVD not set up on PS2

Have just plugged a PS2 in for the first time at the tender age of 32!! Haven't had any experience with these bits of kit at all and want to use the PS2 console as a DVD player as well as a gaming console.

 When puttin a DVD in the PS2 it reads "DVD player is not set up". I've looked through the on-screen menu's but can't find any way of turning it on or as it suggests, setting it up.

Can anyone advise me on how to do this please??


Matt Whitlock
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Hi billyoftheknight,

Hi billyoftheknight,

A few questions: 

  1. Are you from the US?
  2. Where did you obtain your PS2?

From the sound of it, I'm guessing that your console was not intended for the area in which you live. Most likely, you have a Japanese Playstation 2 and are trying to play a US movie. 

To be sure, can you give some of the info from the sticker on the PS2?

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I have a similar problem. The

I have a similar problem. The DVD player used to work just fine and all of a sudden it didnt. When you try to play a DVD, "DVD player not set up" appears.

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It's probably because you are

It's probably because you are trying to run a Japanese/European DVD on a US PS2, or vice versa. DVD companies encrypt their DVDs to run only on DVD players made/sold in the country/area of the DVD's selling region, to avoid illegal sale and use.


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