Speaker hook up for Sony STR-DG800 Receiver

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Speaker hook up for Sony STR-DG800 Receiver

How do I hook up speakers in another room?  I want the speakers to work alone or with the TV room speakers.  Speaker connections are:  Front A, Front B, Surround, Surround Back, Front Center and subwoofer.  Front Center and subwoofer allow only one speaker to be connected.  Presently Front B, center and subwoofer are not being used.

Larry Dillon
Ok on this system you have

Ok on this system you have front A and front B, Use the front A speakers with TV and the rest of your surround sound, Then use the front B left and right for the other room.  You can then use the speaker selector switch on the front of the receiver to switch just the front A speakers on, or just the front B speakers on, or Front A + B speakers on together at the same time.  If you need a set up manual, or an operating manual you can download one HERE from Sony.  Good Luck and let us know how you made out with this hook up.


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