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I just did one of those.

I just did one of those. Replaced both convergence IC's and one of the pico fuses on the power supply board. Good to go.

"Any info will help"

You said the IC's were replaced awhile back, and now it's back to the same thing. I'll bet they put exactly the same STK392-560's back in there. The STK392-570 are the same thing, but capable of a bit higher heat, a bit tougher in a way of speaking.
But I think the thing that'll help you the most is to read this thread all the way thru and do some more searching on the problem.
The answers are out there, and if you're handy with a soldering iron, you should be able to fix this problem (assuming it is actually the convergence ICs and/or pico fuses) for around $50USD.

I replaced the convergence

I replaced the convergence chips and the one bad pico fuse I found. the TV will not turn on. It clicks and sounds like it shuts down. Any suggestions?


Larry Dillon
yes I have found this many

yes I have found this many times, bad solder connections such as shorted pins on the convergence chips, or solder splashes around the chip pins.

Thanks Larry,

Thanks Larry,

I would like to add that this problem only started when I tested and found a bad pico fuse on the Convergence board. The TV powered up fine after replacing the Convergence chips but the Convergence problem still existed. Only after further testing and replacing the bad fuse did I have this problem.

Could it be a bad solder pin on a pico fuse?

Larry Dillon
I would look very carefully

I would look very carefully at the pins on or around the IC as well as the pico.

System (not verified)

I am having the same issue, do you know of any walk in locations that i could buy these parts at.

For all of you out there

For all of you out there trying to locate OEM convergence chips make sure you are purchasing the real deal. I have found that there are a lot of impostors out there, you can find some valuable info on how to determine the real deal from the fakes at

Bobcat 86
Like most of the searchers on

Like most of the searchers on this site I had convergence problems and called a repairman out to check my Sony KP-57WS510. He repaired my set 3 years ago by replacing the convergence chips. Now it is Jan. 2013 and the same thing happened again. The shadows of different colors appeared on my screen and I called the same repairman. This time he replaced the chips again, and he used a voltmeter to check the board where the chips were attached. He checked about 10 to 15 points with the meter, but when we tested the set the problem was still there. He removed the chip board again and rechecked about 15 points a second and third time. He then told me that my problem was the digital board, an upright standing 4 inch board next to the chip board. He told me this part was no longer available and so I went out and purchased new Samsung 60 inch LED. Anybody want to buy my Sony for parts?

I had a Sont KP-51WS510 that
I had a Sont KP-51WS510 that is stuck in timer/standby mode.  The TV will not turn on... any thoguhts



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