Samsung VP-D31

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Samsung VP-D31

When I put my Samsung VP-D31 in record mode there is nothing visible in the viewfinder or on the LCD display. The playback works fine and the zoom mechanism works but I can't record. Has anyone met up with this problem? I saw a D31 for sale on e-bay for spares and the fault sounded the same, the person selling said that it was a common fault so can anyone help me?

Larry Dillon
Could be an iris problem or a

Could be an iris problem or a fault with the CCD itself.  You can try while in record mode to tap the lens lightly to see if the iris opens up, If not the unit will need to be serviced but most likely not worth the repair fee as I saw new camcorders in the paper today for 199 bucks.  Good Luck and keep us informed about this repair or if yiu decide to get it done or purchace a new camcorder.


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