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digi transistors

I'm trying to repair a jvc home theater. I have no power going to the sub. While checking the main board I noticed a component that looks like it could be burned out. In the service manual it is listed Q4811 part number KRA102S-X cross referenced it and also used is ECG2414 and RN1402. Apparently it's a digi transistor. I know nothing about these. Does anyone know how I can check or test this component?

Larry Dillon
ECG2414       Transistor-NPN,

ECG2414       Transistor-NPN, Silicon, Digital Driver  Can be checked with a diode scale on a digital multimeter but will not measure like a regular transistor as this transistor is really two transistors with a resistor in the same package.  I just make sure that the transistor is not shorted. If I suspect that this part is bad, i replace it.  Good Luck and let us know how this repair goes.

That part is the same as a

That part is the same as a DTC124.  You may have better luck finding the DTC than the RN part.  As Larry said, this is really 2 transistors adn a resistor in a single package.  These are usually used to switch lines on and off.  This would account for the lack of the sub out you referenced in another posting.


I had a spare subwoofer  and

I had a spare subwoofer  and managed to find the same part (KRA102S-X) in it. I took it and placed it in the player. It works great, but boy are those little things ever hard to work with when you only have a big solder iron!!


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