olympus camedia c170 upload problems

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olympus camedia c170 upload problems

Hello-i have an olympus camedia c170 that just won't let me upload pictures to my PC. Olympus say that i don't need any software (which is just as well as i purchased this on ebay) but that i should get "removable disc" come up in  the "my computer" section.However it doesn't and it won't work on my husbands PC either. Can anybody tell me where i'm going wrong? And if i got an external card reader would that upload the pictures to my PC? Thanks

Matt Whitlock
An external card reader

An external card reader really is the easiest way to go. I gave up trying to get cameras to play nice with computers years ago. It's supposed to work easily, but the reality is that cameras and computers just don't seem to play nicely together.

If you want to get the camera to connect to the PC, can you tell us a little about the computer. Does it use Windows XP or Vista?  

Hello-turns out it was the

Hello-turns out it was the USB cable which I have had replaced and so now it works-thankyou for your reply though!


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