Sony DCR-PC5E Camcorder Error Signal.

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Ken Evans
Sony DCR-PC5E Camcorder Error Signal.

A continuous rapid flashing   "E:21:00" error signal appears on LCD screen when camcorder is switched on to either camera or playback mode.

Tape transport mechanism opens up ok,but rejects any attempt to insert cassette.(Accompanied with a 5 second beep warning sound)

 The "trouble shooting "section at rear of instruction  manual suggests the problem  may have  been caused  by  moisture condensation and recommends leaving the camcorder  with  the cassette  compartment  left in an open  position  for a perioid of an hour in order to acclimatize it.

But,I've tried doing this and it is'nt solving the problem at all.

The rapid C:21:00 error signal still persists and the camcorder will not accept any cassettes. 

 So,----  If anyone out there can help me, I would most certainly appreciate it.



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