Faulty Sony LBT-N350

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Faulty Sony LBT-N350

  Has any one any clues as to why the CDs on my player will not play. It is a 5 disc changer the draw of which goes in and out as normal and the disc spins but no sound is forthcoming. It attempts for about 30secs and thens moves on to the next CD where the same happens again.

Thank you Hod

The unit is detecting that a

The unit is detecting that a disc is in place but can not read it.  It will attempt for a while then stop and continue to the next disc.  Try opening up the cover and cleaning the lens using a Q-tip and alcohol very gently.  Try a disc again.  If it fails, the optics are failing and will need to be replaced.


Hi Dan

Hi Dan

Thanks for taking the time to post the info. You were right, a quick clean of the lens and bingo.

                                  Thanks again


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Hi - can anyone help me with

Hi - can anyone help me with my CD player. When the stereo system is switched on the CD player continually sounds as if it is spinning. It wont stop until the power is switched off. I cannot open the cd changer drawer - its a 5 cd changer. HELP - is it mendable??


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