clicking and flickering screen

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clicking and flickering screen

I have a JVC GR-DVF10 digital camcorder.  It has been working great, but all of a sudden it started making this clicking sound and the picture starts flickering when I am trying to record in light.  It used to be just outside in "brighter" light and I was okay in the shadows, but now I can't shoot outside at all in the daytime and it is even starting to do the clicking/flickering thing inside as well.  The same flickering image shows up when I play the video back as well. 

Any help anyone can give would be appreciated.  Thanks!

Larry Dillon
It sounds like to me that

It sounds like to me that there is a problem with the auto Iris.  it could possibly be an adjustment or a defective lens or Iris mechanism.  You will most likely need to contact the manufacturer of the camcorder. They can be reached HERE.  Good Luck and let us knoiw if you got this issue resolved and what it took to resolve it.


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